Our Story


Reverend Darwin Lee Soyring is founder and President of Jesus is Real Ministries, Inc.  The Jesus Is Real World Outreach Center, where he serves as pastor, is home base for his missionary work.



Reverend Soyring grew up in northern Minnesota and spent his teenage years enjoying parties, drinking and using drugs.  In 1972, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, changing his life forever.   He was delivered from alcohol and drug dependency, as well as from smoking.  Shortly thereafter, he was called to serve the Lord full-time and was ordained into the ministry. 



Traveling with his family and a Gospel tent, he preached extensively in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Canada, Texas, Mexico and Central America. 



Since 1990, the evangelistic work has grown to include South America, Africa, Haiti and Honduras.  Crusades in Uganda have brought multitudes of souls to the Lord.  Hundreds of miracles were witnessed in the Haitian crusades.



A revival crusade with Reverend Soyring brings forth the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  The power of God is evidenced in prophetic words spoken over people.  The anointing of God flows through music, word and prayer.


Our History


Pastor Darwin Soyring

Our Mission


That our children and our children’s children would be blessed